Fireside Chat Ep. 195 — Cuba's Protests Amplify Media Bias

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Famine is a natural consequence of communism, so it’s no surprise this is happening in Cuba. And as usual, the media takes a dishonest spin on the protests. Even scarier is how likely it now seems to see similar protests for freedom here in America, eventually.

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0:00 Values Must Be Universally Good
2:22 Protests In Cuba Demanding Freedom
3:51 Freedom: An Anti-Government Slogan?
6:57 “Misinformation” Label Used In Cuba
9:32 Man Exposing Himself At Wi Spa
11:02 One Word To Sum Up 2021
17:02 Totalitarianism Is Always Right-Wing?
18:57 It’s Okay To Lie If It’s For Health
21:23 Advice For Adoption
23:24 Most Important Values?
24:43 Religious Upbringing In Secular Nation?
27:42 Is Otto Becoming A Diva?


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