FLASHBACK: Were Dems Spreading Vaccine Misinformation Under Trump? | DIRECT MESSAGE

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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about Democrats spreading vaccine misinformation, Brian Stelter being roasted on air by a guest, and the NFL deciding to play the “black national anthem” at games. First, a clip of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris telling people to be skeptical of the vaccine developed under Donald Trump. Is this the kind of vaccine disinformation that Democrats are demanding be removed from social media platforms? Next, CNN host Brian Stelter sits in silence as his guest, Michael Wolff, delivers a sharp critique of media bias and blames him for why people don’t trust the news. Finally, ESPN reports that the NFL plans to play the black national anthem before the first week’s games to help draw attention to systemic racism.

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Heidi and Frank – 07/19/21


The Todd Starnes Show- Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD); Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL); Mike Huckabee