Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Declares Pandemic Emergency Over, Cancels Local Covid Rules and Bans Vaccine Passports

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Florida has taken another step in moving on from the coronavirus pandemic. On Monday, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill banning vaccine passports and an executive order invalidating all remaining local emergency orders, saying the state is no longer in a state of emergency. Some mayors were pushing back on the orders while other lawmakers argued they were trying to strike a balance of protecting people and protecting their civil liberties. Mary Ellen Klas, Capitol Bureau Chief at the Miami Herald, joins us for these new orders and how they impact the national conversation.

Next, the FDA has banned the use an electric shock treatment, but there is still one school using it. The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center in Massachusetts, which deals with some of the difficult developmental and emotional disability cases in the country, uses what’s called a GED device to shocks students to modify their behavior. Disability rights advocates and former residents have spoken out against this practice, but interestingly, some parents of those currently enrolled that have received this treatment support it and say it is the only thing that works. Kevin Monahan, senior producer at the investigative unit at NBC News, joins us for more.

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