Fmr. Trump Lawyer David Schoen: Every American Must Speak Out Against The Blight of Anti-Semitism

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Anti-Semitism is a growing problem on America’s streets, campuses, and newsrooms. Every day, malicious lies are spread about the Jewish people and the Jewish state of Israel. What can Americans do to stop this wave of hate?

Sara is joined today by constitutional scholar David Schoen. Schoen is the former chairman of the Zionist Organization of America and a veteran in the war on Jew-hatred. In today’s powerful show, Schoen breaks down the spike in hate among America’s young people and what ordinary citizens can do to help their Jewish brothers and sisters.

Schoen also exposes the faulty legal reasoning behind Letitia James’ case against President Trump in New York.

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Time Stamps:
1:45 We have to fight this evil
5:42 David Schoen Joins the Sara Carter Show
8:15 These people are exposing themselves
9:17 It is all upside down
11:05 Facts are forgotten
13:25 What is going on with our kids?
15:54 Biden could lose the Muslim vote
17:35 Where is the Rest of the Middle East?
24:02 How can we turn the tide back?
26:00 A viral moment during the impeachment
29:05 Trump NY Fraud Case
32:07 Ty Cobbs’s bad take
33:05 How do we help?
35:04 Show Close

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