Follow the Money: How Chinese Transnational Criminal Organizations Are Buying Huge Amounts of U.S. Land

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On Monday, The Maine Wire Editor-in-Chief Steve Robinson joined me to explain how transnational criminal organizations linked to the Chinese Communist Party are buying up huge amounts of land in rural Maine to conduct blatantly illegal marijuana grows. And no one at any level of government seems interested in doing anything about it?

Today, Robinson explains the money trail in the second part of this shocking investigation. Who is officially buying this land? How are they buying it? And why is one bank at the center of so many of these mortgages?

Sara also explains how these revelations tie into her earlier reports on China gobbling up land in several U.S. states and on a massive illegal marijuana growing operation in California’s Antelope Valley.

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Time Stamps:
1:45 I am back with Steve Robinson!
5:11 Steve Robinson Joins the Sara Carter Show
5:33 Quontic Bank
9:46 Where is the FBI?
10:39 Trafficking Weed and People
15:39 At the Grow Supplies stores
17:48 Other possible leads
20:42 Political fall out from weed Farms
23:06 Spy Networks?
25:19 Show Close




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