Food and Gas

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President Biden aired a new campaign ad during the first NFL game claiming to “make us energy independent,” meanwhile he’s cracking down on drilling.  From the WSJ – Biden Freezes Alaskan Oil – Interior Secretary Deb Haaland relies on ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ as a legal justification to block drilling.  If you want honey, be prepared to be stung.  If you want to live a full life, it will not be painless.  For example: raising children… it’s worth it… but it has its price.  Making a family requires a sacrifice of freedom.  You can not have it all!  Callers weigh in.  Issues raised include:  I want to inform you about a Shabbat with a drag queen story hour targeting kids; my daughter hates capitalism yet she has been in many advertisement companies; could we split the states in half so we don’t have to live with these crazy people; I shared the cartoon you posted on your page and they banned me on Facebook; I am an attorney representing a California School district in a transgender case, and need advice on theology; do you feel that the sentences the Proud Boys received was unfair?
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