Forget the Polls, Elections Are Won with Hard Work and Finding New Voters

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Is there an election where you live on Tuesday? If so, have you already voted or do you have a plan to vote? Tuesday is Election Day in several critical states. The results will significantly influence the future of several states and may project which party has momentum in the 2024 presidential campaign.

But victory does not come easily. It takes hard work every day for months before Election Day. Part of the work is finding good candidates and raising money to deliver a strong message. But it’s also vitally important to find and engage the voters. And that includes finding people who agree with you and registering them to vote.

Early Vote Action Founder and Executive Director Scott Presler joins Sara to detail his diligent work, going door-to-door across this country to register voters and encourage them to support Republican candidates. He also explains why Republicans need to take advantage of early voting and not try to overcome the Democrats on Election Day alone. Finally, Pressler details why everyone needs to get out and vote in key races in Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and several other states on Tuesday.

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Time Stamps:
2:10 Election day is tomorrow!
7:28 Scott Pressler joins the Sara Carter Show
11:17 We underestimate what our adversaries will do
13:50 Democratic shenanigans
15:49 We have seen this working
17:58 Are Republicans Scared?
21:47 Ballot Harvesting
25:29 How do we get involved?
29:28 Show close

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