Former Navy SEAL Craig ‘Sawman’ Sawyer’ Shares the Ugly Truth About Child Trafficking in the U.S.

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The scourge of child trafficking has a death grip on America. Our elite organizations use it to blackmail and control their members. Porn companies use it to addict their viewers. Cartels use it to get past border patrol. It is a vile and disgusting practice that has infiltrated every level of our society.

One veteran is standing up to this barbaric industry. His name is Craig “Sawman” Sawyer and he is the founder of Veterans For Child Rescue or “V4CR”.

On today’s podcast, Sara sits down with Sawman to discuss his organization, how he got started in rescuing children and targeting those who exploit them, how traffickers operate in America, and the magnitude of this problem. It’s a difficult, uncomfortable topic, but it’s one we simply cannot ignore.

Please join us tomorrow for Part 2 of Sara’s conversation with Sawman

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Time Stamps:
1:50 What keeps child traffickers up at night
3:32 Sawman joins the Sara Carter Show
6:55 This life is not the final stage
7:56 Industrial Scale
12:30 The disguises they use
13:54 I follow the facts, wherever they lead
16:05 Inside an investigation
18:48 The Spirit cooker
23:09 They don’t want the kids to be documented
25:25 The investigations slowly fade
26:44 The DOJ Is a big part of the problem
27:25 Show Close

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