Freedom for Hersh-Goldberg Polin

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After reviewing headlines and breaking news, Hugh spoke with Rachel Goldberg this morning, mother of Hersh, who joined Hugh on this the 271st day of the captivity of the hostages. Rachel and Hugh talked about Hersh, about the millions of people around the world working and praying for his freedom and freedom for all of Hamas’ hostages. The Facebook page for “Bring Hersh Home” is here.
Hugh then spoke with the host of “Call Me Back” Dan Senor about the conditions in Gaza and the looming expansion of Israel’s war with Hezbollah on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon. 
Hugh then discussed President Biden’s infirmity with Congressman Michael Waltz, former Missouri Senator Jim Talent, and Olivia Beavers of Politico as the ice begins to break under Biden. Finally, Hugh spoke with Andre Laubacher about “Humanality” – a growing movement to put technology back into balance with a well-lived life.

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