Funny & On The Money | 06-24-2021

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Funny and on the money, that’s Bernie and Sid. Today, amongst other topics, right off the bat the guys get into the New York City Mayoral race as Eric Adams and Curtis Sliwa are the Democrat and Republican nominees respectively. The NYC Mayoral  race was one topic but Bernie and Sid got into a bunch more. The New York Islanders stay alive in the NHL Playoffs last night, Britney Spears wants to be freed from her father, Joe Biden speaks (if you want to call it that) about his plans to fight crime in America, Kamala concedes to going to the southern border which she is in charge of fixing, a Netflix trailer for an upcoming cartoon about gay superheroes, and Ikea has to apologize for serving fried chicken and watermelon to their employees to celebrate Juneteenth. Plus, it’s Thursday which means Bill O’Reilly stops by to catch the guys up on what he has been covering on this week. Dr Marc Siegel gives Bernie and Sid the latest on the Trump vaccines and the scary side effects it has on some children. Former New York Giants offensive lineman Luke Petitgout joins the show to talk about the passing of Jim Fassell as well as Eli Manning getting a job with the Giants.


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