Future Doctors of America

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Medical schools around the country are steeped in DEI thinking. UCLA is just the latest example. How does DEI make doctors more skilled at their profession?… Is “positionality” a word? It is in the DEI world… The Left has put the Ku Klux Klan out of business… Mr. Science, Anthony Fauci, admits the 6-foot rule had no scientific basis… We finally hit back at the Houthis in Yemen.  Many people think that happiness is the pursuit of excitement, a short term hit of dopamine. But that’s not how you achieve happiness. Dennis explains.  Issues raised include: we must to get back to the Bible; I want to buy a great camera and need your advice; what is your opinion on the car pool lane changing into a toll roads; is vinyl superior to digital in music playback; are there composers today writing like the classical composers; we have evidence that things come from nothing, based on the origination of thoughts; what do you think of a man not working and while his wife does?
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