Gavin Newsom Recall Election in the Final Days, Last Push in Fight for Political Life

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The recall election for CA Gov. Gavin Newsom is in its final days and so far we have seen a healthy turnout for Democrats, lots of money being spent on ads, and big national figures supporting Newsom. Next Tuesday is the last day to cast a ballot and recall proponents are hoping for a big in-person election day push. Melanie Mason, national political correspondent at the LA Times, joins us for more.

Next, despite being vaccinated, many people are still worried about breakthrough Covid infections and curious how to navigate this phase of the pandemic. It really depends on a lot of factors including your overall health and the concentration of infections where you live. Another thing that can help you in managing your risk is more home testing. Tara Parker-Pope, health columnist at the NY Times, joins us for what to know.

Finally, Congress has a very busy month filled with deadlines and not much time. The Senate comes back on Monday and the House the following week. Work needs to be done on Biden’s infrastructure bill, spending packages need to be approved to avoid a government shutdown, and then there are issues to address over Afghanistan and the Texas abortion law. Jordain Carney, Senate reporter at The Hill, joins us for the long to-do list for Congress.

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