Gavin Newsom Recall Election Just Under Two Weeks Away, 4.7 Million Have Already Voted

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The Gavin Newsom recall election is just under two weeks away. September 14 marks the day, but many have already voted by mail and the current snapshot is about 4.7 million Californians who have cast their ballots. Twice as many Democrats have voted as Republicans and so far have they been older and white. Seema Mehta, political reporter at the LA Times, joins us for who the campaigns are targeting in the final days… younger voters and Latinos.

Next, we have seen the demand for Covid-19 monoclonal antibody treatments skyrocket in the last few weeks. Some states have set up infusion centers where patients can get the treatment and are also passing rules where you can get it without a doctor’s prescription. Karen Weintraub, health reporter at USA Today, joins us for how this underutilized treatment is gaining traction.

Finally, we have been seeing an increase in overdose deaths where fentanyl is being laced into other illicit drugs. In mid-August, one town in Suffolk County, NY, suffered eight overdoses with six of them dying over the course of three days. All of them were tied to cocaine laced with the synthetic opioid. Police are seeing this trend all over the country including places like San Francisco and Nebraska. Sarah Maslin Nir, staff reporter at the NY Times, joins us for more.

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