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This past week, Dutch right-wing election winner Geert Wilders caused an uproar after declaring ‘Jordan Is Palestine!’ Savage responds to Wilders’ approach to radical Islam and shares his 2009 interview with the Dutch firebrand. Savage and Wilders were both banned from Britain for speaking the truth. Wilders showcased his important film “Fitna” that exposed the hate taught by Islamic ideologues. Listen to Savage’s wide-ranging discussion wrapping up the holiday weekend. Hear details from his timely new book A Savage Republic. Why there is no such thing as “democratic socialism.” Learn what Mao Tse-Tung wrote in his “Little Red Book” and why Bernie Sanders is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What to expect from the Desantis-Newsom debate. Is Islam compatible with a free society? Then, Savage shares his Thanksgiving holiday, watching The Godfather, and his health advice about the worst breakfast food.

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