GOP Leaders Refuse to Give Power Back to the People

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Sara is joined by author and Conservative Partnership Institute Senior Director of Policy Rachel Bovard. They discuss how House Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell refuse to change legislative procedures that gives them immense power over the rest of their members, despite increased pressure from conservative groups like the House Freedom Caucus. Bovard also details how GOP leaders force members into supporting terrible legislation and what changes need to be made so Congress represents American voters, not just K Street.

Sara also covers Elon Musk firing crooked former FBI operator Jim Baker from Twitter and what else might be uncovered in the next release of the “Twitter Files”.

Finally, Sara comments on a not-so-shocking report that found Joe Biden’s “solution” to the backlog of asylum cases at the wide open southern border is a complete failure resulting in the release of hundreds of thousands of these migrants into American communities.

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