Gratuitous Hatred

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What was the theme of President Biden’s very bad speech? “If I can get half the country to fear the other half, then I’ve done my job. And the NY Times will love me.” Biden did not offer a single example of how President Trump impaired democracy during his term. His singular obsession is January 6, a stupid riot by some stupid people. This is the Dems “Reichstag fire”: a simple reference to January 6 and you can say or do anything to your political opponents… Dennis plays clips from the speech and comments.  A lot of people carry anger at one or both of their parents. Until you let that anger go, it’s very hard to be happy. What prevents you from letting it go? Callers react.  What if your parents are not honorable, how should you honor them; Do you find the phrase to “Jew someone down” offensive; Will you eat plant-based bacon?
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