Happy Mother's Day

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All of the featured moms answered the list of 10 questions that you can ask your mom… find them here. Special thanks to Mary Ann Ahern, Lourdes Duarte, Jen Weigel, Bela Gandhi, Patty Steele, Anne Johnsos, Abby Polonsky, Tracy Huelveman, Leslie Martyn, Lauren Cochran, Maureen Cochran, and Ann Sommers!


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Ask your mom the questions I asked in the episode! Find the full list of questions here.

Watch Mary Ann Ahern on NBC 5 in Chicago. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Watch Lourdes Duarte on WGN TV and see her anchor weekdays at 4pm. Follow her on Twitter and on Instagram.

Jen Weigel writes her own books and co-authors others, hosts a podcast called The Jen Weigel Show, and is all over social media.

Bela Gandhi is the founder of the Smart Dating Academy.

Patty Steele co-hosts mornings with Scott Shannon on WCBS-FM in NYC and the Audacy app. Check out her podcast, News On the Rocks and her website.

Get Anne Johnsos book POTTY-MOUTHED: Big Thoughts from Little Brains on Amazon. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Abby Polonsky is a very talented artist and teacher. See her work on Facebook.

Tracy Huelveman, Leslie Martyn, Lauren Cochran, Maureen Cochran, and Ann Sommers are nice… more-private people.

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Ep. 491 | Fired Up Friday


CONK! Daily – Monday, 5/10/21