Heidi and Frank – 03/18/21

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Topics discussed on today’s show: Who’s Going To Hell, Wiping For No Reason, The Trendmill: Russia and Iran Voting, Top Redneck Google Searches, Embryogenesis, Lebron James and the Red Sox, Disneyland Reopening, Birthdays, News of the Day, Deshaun Watson Sexual Assaults, March Bandness, Greatest Products Bracket, Shawn Bradley Paralyzed, Mars Water, What Started Life?, Cells That Cry, Heidi’s Mammogram, Schmoes Movie Reviews, Movie Password, St. Patrick Hangover, Dad Bods, Tinder COVID Tests, Adults with Baby Bottles, Linking Side Effects Of Vaccine, Uber Driver Assault, Kids at the Boarder, Influential Heidi, Uber Drivers, and Apologies.

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