Heidi and Frank – 09/21/21

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Topics discussed on today’s show: Mormons and Amish, Vaccines for 5+, Foreign Travel, White Flags, Pop Quiz: U.N., Gabby Petito Investigation, The Economy, Deportation Of Migrants, Kelly and Weinstein Cases, AJ Johnson Passes Away, Birthdays, News of the Day, Space Poop, Cell Service Everywhere, NFL Week 2, The Global Market, Good News, Gene Editing, Heidi Travels, TX Dr Lawsuit, Family Events Gone Wrong, Walked in on Sex, Keeping Marital Sex Spicy, PTSD Videos, One Word on Tombstone, Odd Collections, and Apologies.


Ep 492 | Busting Border Propaganda | Guest: Rep. Chip Roy


Those Aren’t Whips, Morons