How CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Beat the Recall and by a Wide Margin

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The effort to recall CA Gov. Gavin Newsom has failed and by a wide margin. The race was called just 50 minutes after the polls closed. So how did Newsom beat the recall? Huge Democratic turnout and the perfect foil in the leading Republican candidate, Larry Elder. The rise of Elder helped the Newsom campaign turn the race into a more traditional choice election and motivated voters to get to the polls. David Siders, national political reporter at Politico, joins us for a race that started off as a longshot, became unexpectedly competitive, and ended with a blowout.

Next, new Census data show that when accounting for pandemic relief aid such as direct stimulus payments and enhanced unemployment benefits, the poverty rate fell to 9.1% lifting nearly 8.5 million people out of poverty. The other story that we saw was the population of those without health insurance rose, mostly due to people losing private insurance as they lost jobs. We will most likely now see arguments in favor of more aid like this to continue help lifting people out of poverty. Amy Goldstein, national healthcare policy reporter at The Washington Post, joins us for more.

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