How Conservatives Can KICK OUT Corrupt Teacher’s Unions And Give Educational Choice To America’s Parents

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For too long, your child’s educational quality has been determined by which Democrat money laundering scheme (teacher’s union) is planted near your home. Parents were forced to comply with woke, incompetent educators or pay for a private education that could cost tens of thousands of dollars a year. For wealthy families, this wasn’t a problem. The same wasn’t true for middle-class Americans.

This was until the School Choice revolution. Parents saw what their children were learning during the COVID pandemic and said this simply wasn’t good enough. Republican politicians saw this energy and quickly capitalized to take the governor’s mansion in Virginia and school boards across the country. Education matters to parents and they are willing to vote, organize, and raise funds to give their children the best education possible.

On an exciting episode of the Sara Carter Show, Sara is joined by Dr. Corey A. DeAngelis, The School Choice Evangelist.

DeAngelis lays out the power of school choice policies and their effect on crime, test scores, and childhood development. He also shares what Republicans must do to capture the momentum of the school choice movement in the 2024 cycle.

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Time Stamps: 
0:05 We need to protect our kids
8:51 Corey DeAngelis Joins the Sara Carter Show
12:25 Our system is breaking at the seams
16:51 Poor parents deserve a choice
21:04 Texas School Choice is imminent
26:52 Dems are worried…
28:04 Trump should push for school choice

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