How Sara Was Rescued by an ‘Angel from the Red Barn’

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Have you ever been forced to slow down? It’s often very frustrating in the moment. But it can be exactly what you need. And it happened to Sara last week.

Returning from a trip to the border, Sara was diverted from her normal route because the road was blocked by an accident. But that detour made her bypass a small town and her last chance to fill the tank. She soon ran out of gas. Pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

Today, Sara shares how this all unfolded, how her husband creatively responded to her dilemma, and how a good-hearted Texan came to her aid and became a fast friend. And Sara tells us the important lessons she learned from the experience.

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Time stamps:
2:57 There are still real-life heroes in this world
5:11 How did I get here?
6:34 I forgot how to use a real map
7:32 I’m out of gas….
9:47 Panic begins to set in…
11:29 Marty to the rescue
13:20 An Angel named Lisa
14:57 Life stopped for a second
16:54 Lisa’s story
20:32 She called her dad
21:33 Goodness exists
23:38 It is all about doing the right thing
26:27 Show Close

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