How This Holiday Shopping Season Is Different From When the Pandemic First Began

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The holiday shopping season is in full swing and a lot has changed since the pandemic began. The biggest shift is that businesses are expecting to see more customers in-person, so expect big crowds. E-commerce is expected to slow, but only slightly as it should top the $200 billion mark for the first time. Customers will have more buy now, pay later options and get ready for live-streaming shopping events. Melissa Repko, retail reporter at CNBC, joins us for what to expect this season.

Next, the snowball effect in the supply chain is raising prices and making it harder to get some of the items you want. The biggest challenge that beer and liquor makers are facing is obtaining glass bottles. America loves their chicken tenders, and prices have jumped because of delays at meat processing plants and in Tyson’s case a bad rooster. Medical equipment, toys, video game consoles, and even your favorite athleisure wear are all facing setbacks. Phil McCausland, reporter at NBC News, joins us for a look at some specific items hurt by back backlogs and rising prices.

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