How Trump Is Being Railroaded By A Black Revolutionary Stooge Of The Communist Left – #614

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Savage speaks with top national defense attorney Dan Horowitz and Senior Editor-at-Large for Breitbart News and Harvard Law alum Joel Pollak about the Georgia Indictment of President Trump. Hear their expert analysis of the latest attack on Trump: 

Could the defendants be forced to flip on Trump? Who is Fanni Willis and how is she linked to the Black Panthers? Why was the indictment announced at midnight? Why were the charges leaked early? How does this mirror totalitarian tactics? How a judge prevented Trump from expanding his legal team. Why do Democrats want to bankrupt Trump? How much more can Trump withstand? How will this impact his campaign? How legal scholars and the media are influencing the DOJ. Why is this case “pardon-proof” in Georgia? Who is the judge appointed to this case? Why Fani Willis may be motivated by ego. Did Hilary Clinton and Stacey Abrams make the same claims? How will these cases possibly play out? Could Trump face prison time? Why the Georgia indictment is the most frightening of all. Pollak shares his Harvard experience and how the Ivy League creates an elite system that persists in media and government. How elite universities have international reach, including the Israeli Supreme Court. He shares his background on the McCain campaign and his transition from Democrat to Conservative. Pollak tells the fascinating story of his mother-in-law and how she was ostracized by the communists in South Africa. He chronicles her journey in his latest book — Rhoda: ‘Comrade Kadalie, You Are Out of Order!’ Then, hear what The Rock of Ages tells us about today.

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