Hurricane Ida Hits Louisiana and Deadline for Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Tuesday

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Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday exactly 16 years after hurricane Katrina. Coming in as a category 4, residents are bracing themselves for a days-long event hoping that the levees hold up, and watching out for storm surges and flooding. The other concern is hospitals maintaining power as Covid patients fill ICUs. Ginger Gibson, deputy Washington digital editor at NBC News, joins us for more on Ida and also updates on Afghanistan. The evacuation deadline is Tuesday as we saw drone strikes against ISIS-K and President Biden meet with families of the fallen service members of last week’s attack.

Next, a new generation of companies have made big strides in the science of smell and a device that looks like a big purple nipple could be the digital nose of the future. This device will be used by Anheuser-Busch to measure how beverages aromatic notes are perceived and try to enhance flavors. In some airports, the device will be used for bomb detection, and it will also be used with a different company to detect traces of marijuana on people suspected of driving under the influence. Zach Schonbrun, contributor at Bloomberg Businessweek joins us for how this device is trying to replicate our sense of smell.

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