I AM THE EAGLE: America on the brink of a Big Bang Moment – #720

Michael Savage 01
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Savage delivers a stream-of-consciousness monologue on the political and metaphysical. Drawing parallels to past historical events, he warns of the ongoing suppression of opposition by the Left. He criticizes the media for downplaying important issues and placating the Biden Administration. He lambasts the current Administration for corruption and degeneracy, comparing it to the East German Ministry for State Security (Stasi). He then explains the pattern of revolutions leading to authoritarian regimes, using the examples of the French Revolution and Fidel Castro’s takeover in Cuba. He warns that the current situation in America, including border issues and the actions of the Biden administration, could lead to a civil war. Then he moves to the spiritual, sharing his experience of identifying his inner animal spirit as an eagle. He emphasizes the importance of individual connections and human values in these dark times. He concludes by warning that America is on the brink of a “Big Bang moment.”

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