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Beloved by fans of the Savage Nation, Mama Savage became a well-known voice nationwide. Delivering some of the most memorable moments on Savage’s top-rated radio program, she became a fan favorite. Listen to some of her best calls on the show and Savage’s moving tributes to his cherished mother. First up, Mama Savage tells her son the secret to longevity. Her answer might surprise you! Next, mom and son discuss memories and the importance of a good rest. Then, listen to Savage’s poignant homage to Mama Savage on the anniversary of her passing. He shares fond memories of his mother’s difficult life, her silent suffering, and her unconditional love for people. He visits a restaurant to honor her memory, recalling the conversation they had about longevity and their shared love for life. He ponders the significance of lighting a candle in memory of a loved one. He reflects on the harsh realities of life and the importance of becoming tougher to survive, sharing his experiences of growing up and dealing with suffering. Savage encourages us to remember and love our parents, while expressing frustration over the cruelty he has witnessed in the world. He also explores the complexities of emotions, family, and life experiences, and touches on power, control, and the role of women in the world. Lastly, enjoy a light-hearted radio piece about Mama Savage’s signature cooking and her ability to serve a feast from her small kitchen in Queens. Listeners new and old will love this holiday treat only on the Michael Savage podcast!

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