Ilhan's Incest, Hunter's Hard Drive, and Biden's Boondoggle with New York Post's Miranda Devine

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Charlie is joined by an Australian-American treasure, New York Post columnist and highly sought after political analyst and commentator, Miranda Devine, for an in-depth discussion into some of her exclusive reporting. How was the media and big tech complicit silence Miranda’s own newspaper, the New York Post? Miranda shares her firsthand experience. Also, Charlie asks about her recent reporting into the illicit story surrounding Rep. Ilhan Omar who increasingly appears to have married her own brother. Finally Miranda previews her upcoming book, “The Laptop from Hell” by discussing the many discoveries she’s made personally pouring over Hunter Biden’s laptop for months and months, revealing how its details could criminally implicate not only the president’s son, but the president himself. 

Please note, this episode was recorded just before the tragic news broke of the 13 Marines who lost their lives in Kabul. 

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