Investors Buying up Metaverse Real Estate and Inside Operation Whistle Pig

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Many are expecting the Metaverse to be the next phase of the internet where our real lives increasingly mesh with our digital lives and companies are taking notice. Investors are already spending millions to buy up virtual real estate and just like in real-life, location matters. While the internet is infinite, virtual plots of land are not, and companies are buying up what they can in online worlds like Decentraland hoping to develop those areas into shopping centers and more. Debra Kamin, contributor to the NY Times, joins us for this new virtual land boom.

Next, there is a secret unit within the Customs and Border Protection’s National Targeting Center called the Counter Network Division. This division has very few rules and used various databases at its disposal to investigate Americans. This division still operates today and would gain access to the personal information of journalists, government officials, congressional members and their staff. Jana Winter, investigative correspondent at Yahoo News, joins us to talk about Operation Whistle Pig and the investigation into journalist Ali Watkins.

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