Is Trump Walking Into A Trap Debating Biden with CNN Moderators?

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Even with a week of prep, sleep, and who knows what else, President Biden is no match for Donald Trump in a debate. But add in two anti-Trump moderators from CNN and the deck may be stacked against Trump.

Will Jake Tapper and Dana Bash spend their time asking Trump about accepting election results and January 6th? Will they interrupt Trump and inject themselves into the conversation to save Biden if he starts drifting off?

That’s exactly what Mercedes Schlapp expects to happen. Schlapp served as Trump’s Director of Strategic Communications at the White House. She is also the host of CPAC NOW America Uncancelled. She is also the wife of CPAC President Matt Schlapp.

Sara and Mercedes also dissect the latest revelations of the Department of Homeland Security spying on Americans – particularly supporters of President Trump. Will we ever see a return to equal justice after Biden’s rampant politicization of one of our most critical institutions?

They also discuss Biden’s dereliction at the border and how it’s directly leading to seemingly daily stories of American women and girls being raped and murdered. Plus, they recoil at the far-left radicals who are landing top spots in the Biden White House and the administration’s open celebration of perversion.

Time Stamps:
0:05 We are excited to debate
6:21 Mercedes Schlapp joins the Sara Carter Show
9:30 DHS targeting Trump supporters 
12:37 Biden is literally in a bunker
13:50 Americans fear the system
19:20 Dems view Americans as terrorists
22:38 The biased CNN debate is right around the corner
30:05 New White House Comms director
31:31 Rapists coming across the border

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