Israel Three Months Later: From Hate-Filled Horror to Hope for a Bright Future

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Israel was blindsided by a Hamas terrorist attack just three months ago. Shock, disbelief, and anger have now morphed into a steely resolve to protect the people and a determination for life to go on throughout the nation.

This is a response many of us can identify with. For those old enough to remember the 9/11 attacks, we were numb for days and even weeks. But we knew what had to happen. The enemy had to suffer and the nation must pick up the pieces and move forward.

Today, Sara welcomes Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum to discuss what she’s experienced over the past three months and how life in Jerusalem is far from what used to be normal but that it looks a little more normal every day.

Sara and Hassan-Nahoum also dig into the explosion of brazen anti-Semitism around the world and how the epicenter of that hate is far too close for comfort.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 What is going on in Israel
7:04 Fleur Hassan-Nahoum joins the Sara Carter Show
11:34 Economic development in Israel
13:48 How has this attack affected you personally?
16:35 The disconnect between Americans and Jews
20:25 The world has gone crazy
21:11 Israel is a promise of safety
23:40 Tourism on the decline
26:43 The right of return
30:05 Killing a baby is wrong
31:30 Israel’s economy
35:27 Old Soldiers joining the fight
38:02 Israel’s ambassador
41:33 We need to be involved
44:18 How to help and follow Fleur
46:07 Show Close



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