Israeli Knesset Member Ohad Tal Describes Iran Attack, Palestinian Neighbors Shouting for Jews to Be Killed

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Have you ever had a neighbor shout out that they want you to die? Do they teach their children that their greatest possible accomplishment would be to kill you and people like you?

That’s how it is for Israelis. Most of their neighbors in Gaza and the West Bank want Jews dead. In fact, many parents in those areas see killing Jews as the highest possible goal for their kids.

Israeli Knesset Member Ohad Tal joins Sara today to share what it was like to live through Iran’s weekend barrage of hundreds of missiles and drones aimed at his country. He and his family not only had to endure the incoming weapons but also their Palestinian neighbors running into the streets screaming for Jews to be killed.

Thankfully, the Iron Dome and missile defense operations from the U.S., the United Kingdom, Jordan, and others successfully stopped 99 percent of the weapons. But Iran’s sinister intent is obvious.

Tal explains why Israel must retaliate against Iran – because perceived weakness in the Middle East invites more violence. And he says this must happen whether such action has the blessing of the U.S. or not.

Tal also outlines what goals have to be met before the war against Hamas can end, including the safe return of all hostages and the total demolition of Hamas.

Finally, he shares a stunning story of just how deep the hatred for Jews runs among the Palestinians.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Living next to your worst enemy
10:50 Ohad Tal joins the Sara Carter Show
13:30 The scene in Bethlehem
16:39 Biden’s messaging against Bibi
19:00 The Middle East is not like the West
20:45 John Kirby
23:04 What if your neighbor wanted you dead?
26:32 Jew-hatred is on the rise
29:20 Is the United States in Danger?
31:39 Hamas attacked our weakness
33:58 Shocking story of a mother
35:59 What we are doing doesn’t make sense
40:38 We will eliminate Hamas
43:14 What can America learn?



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