Jennie Taer: Jews are Under Attack From All Sides And Must Fight Back

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The victims of Jewish hate have faces, names, and families. They live in our communities, go to our schools, and shop at our grocery stores. As Anti-Semitic incidents continue to rise, we must stand up to hate and call out bigotry.

On today’s Sara Carter Show, Sara sits down with her former assistant, Jennie Taer, who is now an award-winning investigative reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation. They discuss Anti-Semitism and what it means to be Jewish in modern America. Taer’s hometown has been victimized by several hateful incidents and she shares her experience covering this conflict.

Taer also gives valuable insight into the crisis at our southern border and the very real possibility that Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and others could be trying to move militants into the U.S. It is a very dangerous situation and American leaders must take action to protect our country.

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Time Stamps:
1:58 Hamas At our Border?
5:29 Jennie Taer joins the Sara Carter Show
8:45 One Crazy protestor
11:10 Christians are next
14:26 This is about human dignity
18:15 Will the March Be a target?
20:33 Jewish taxi experience
21:07 Terror threat at the border
24:08 Mistake categorization
25:10 Northern Border
29:02 Should the US take Palestinians?
33:29 Show Close

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