Jerry Bowyer: The Thanksgiving Gift of Gratitude

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Some 2,000 years ago in a letter to Rome, the Rabbi known to history as the Apostle Paul said “they did not acknowledge God, neither were they thankful.”

At that time Rome had been rocked by riots and counter riots and escalating street violence. Paul didn’t focus on the need for more law enforcement—though later in the letter he did affirm the need for the state to punish evil—he focused on gratitude.

Rioting is ingratitude.

Gratitude says, “Thank you for giving us so much that is good.” Ingratitude says—essentially—that what we have is worthless, fit only to burn down. Europe in the 20th century was the theater of violent clashes between community and fascist street mobs, and things got much worse before they got better.

So, yes, we need police, national guard, firefighters, EMTs to fight the violence. We also need to get past the symptoms and to the disease itself: ingratitude.

May your Thanksgiving be blessed—and filled with gratitude.

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