Judge Rules DACA Illegal, Puts Pressure on Dems to Find Permanent Solution

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More pressure for a permanent solution has been put on President Biden and Democrats as a judge just ruled that the DACA program is illegal. Those currently in the program can stay in the U.S. and renew their status, but there will be no new applicants until the appeals process is complete. This is coming at a time when a record number of migrants are still crossing the border. Ginger Gibson, deputy Washington digital editor at NBC News, joins us for the latest on immigration, more news and falsehoods coming out of the Arizona audit, and Sen. Chuck Schumer pushes for a vote on infrastructure this week.

Next, forensic investigators have been using DNA in legal cases for a long time and as the technology has gotten better, they are using genetic material from smaller and more challenging samples. Enter software called TrueAllele, which can help narrow down genetic profiles even if DNA samples are muddied or too tiny. TrueAllele has been providing key evidence in thousands of violent crime cases, but the only problem is that no one knows exactly how it works. The process has been kept hidden as a trade secret until now. Justin Jouvenal, justice reporter at the Washington Post, joins us for a case in Virginia that could get a first look into how this software is transforming DNA evidence.

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