Jump in Violent Crime Puts Democrats in Precarious Political Position

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Townhall Review for June 26, 2021

Hugh Hewitt talks with Byron York, of the Washington Examiner, about violent crime continuing to spike in America’s cities as Larry Elder looks at police departments seeing their numbers dwindling.

Mike Gallagher looks at how the fear factor over COVID-19 continues.

Hugh Hewitt and Admiral James Stavridis talk about the troubling issue of sexual assault among our military.

Hugh Hewitt and John Bursch, of Alliance Defending Freedom, talk about a big U.S. Supreme Court win for religious freedom.

Sebastian Gorka and historian Victor Davis Hanson talk about Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a run-up to a meeting with President Biden, accusing the U.S. of being hypocrites criticizing Russian brutality.

Dennis Prager talks with Colorado baker Jack Phillips about being targeted repeatedly by left-wing groups who seem to simply want to destroy his business.

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