Kevin Sorbo: Strong Boys Become Truth-Seeking Men the Left Can’t Control

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The war on boys has been unfolding for decades. Schools largely expect them to behave like girls. But they aren’t designed that way, It’s long past time for parents to raise strong, responsible, masculine young men and reject the weak and passive example promoted by our toxic culture.

Today, Sara welcomes actor Kevin Sorbo to discuss the crisis surrounding American boys, the left’s relentless gender confusion agenda, and how parents can fight back and raise strong boys.

Sorbo was blacklisted from Hollywood for standing up for his Christian beliefs. He now produces his own films and is the author of the brand new children’s book, “The Test of Lionhood.” It encourages boys to embrace their masculinity, take on difficult challenges, and prepare to be men who will lead their families and communities well.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Boys need to boys
2:45 Stop This abuse
5:29 Kevin Sorbo joins the Sara Carter Show
7:06 You walk the walk
7:28 They won’t like this book
8:38 Use your voice for good
10:06 They are not even hiding anymore
10:41 Woke teachers are a problem
12:28 Masculine men obey God
15:00 Leave kids alone
16:08 Backwards sitcoms
17:03 Men must lead
17:24 Bus Story
18:39 Males with big egos
19:00 What is masculinity?
20:16 Beating the Culture of Victimhood
21:21 African American community
22:38 Oakland
24:46 Best place to get the book
26:16 Barbie
28:07 Show Close


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