Kurt Schlichter: The Hamas Attacks Show How Quickly Nations Can Be in Danger, Are We Ready?

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With a wide-open border and an incompetent leadership class, the United States is in a dangerous situation. If terrorists wanted to hurt Americans, can you imagine a better scenario for them to do so?

In his new book ” The Attack”, columnist Kurt Schlichter imagines how an evil enemy could exploit the flaws in America’s defenses and inflict massive casualties before our leaders would know what happened.

Today, Sara and Kurt discuss the likelihood of this situation along with their shared, harrowing experiences in the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

They also cover the state of the 2024 Republican primary and how the party has changed since 2016.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 We have seen the terrorists come across
3:21 Kurt Schlichter joins the show
5:19 Our parties are changing
9:00 Can we get past this?
10:03 The LA riots
14:54 “The Attack”
18:56 Could this happen?
20:41 America would do the same thing
23:51 It is an information battle
25:10 Vitamin R
30:17 Actions have consequences
34:03 Where to get the book and follow Kurt
35:43 Show close

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