Leftism is a Euphemism for Narcissism

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We are living in a morally corrupt culture.  Dennis and Julie review some of the protests and reactions to the Israeli/Gaza conflict in America.  Vivek Ramaswamy went after the RNC and Ronna McDaniel in the 3rd Republican debate.  With the influx of the Muslim population… America is changing, Europe is changing… do most Muslims want Israel annihilated?  How much of our upside-down culture should be attributed to white liberals?  The mask is off wokeism.  Western civilization is better than other civilizations… why can’t we just admit it… and openly want more of it.  How long will people continue to vote Democrat based on the topic of Abortion?  Democrat Jews… would you rather vote for a Pro-life Anti-Israel candidate or a Pro-choice Pro-Israel candidate?  The Pro-Choice movement is overwhelmingly narcissistic.  We excuse evil by saying that it’s “sick!”  The Left is rampant with emotionally weak people.

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