Maltz: To Win This Fight, We Need To Get Americans The Information They Need About The Border Crisis

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In an exciting Part 2 of Sara’s conversation with retired DEA Special Operations Director Derek Maltz, the Border 911 teammates explain why American politicians should be more focused on our border than one in Eastern Europe and respond to Connecticut Sen.Chris Murphy’s comments on CNN that Republican demands for asylum reform and much better border security are radical.

They also discuss the importance of talking about the border crisis to voters ahead of the pivotal 2024 election. This is one of several reasons Maltz, Sara, and the rest of the Border 911 team are heading to Arizona this weekend.

Finally, Maltz ends the show with a word of encouragement for tired patriots like you, who want action on the crises facing America. Maltz urges you to get involved, let your voice be heard, and share information with your friends about the border and how it affects your community.

Together, we can take this country back.

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Time Stamps:

0:05 I’ve spent my life covering the border
6:09 Ukraine’s border vs. America’s
12:19 Light Bulb Moment
14:32 This weekend in Arizona
19:00 I’ve been here since Bush
19:54 Chinese bombs
21:53 Words of wisdom
24:30 Show close



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