Manufacturing and Supply Chain Issues Have Come for Home Appliances, Expect Delays

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Manufacturing and supply chain issues continue to affect most industries and if you are remodeling your kitchen or buying new appliances you might want to prepare for some delays. Some people have had to wait months and in extreme cases a year to get the appliances they ordered. To get by, some are using loaners from appliance stores or even doing dishes in the bathtub. Austen Hufford, manufacturing reporter at the WSJ, joins us for all the appliance delays.

Next, President Biden’s numbers have not been improving much and it seems to be the very thing he promised to fix, the pandemic, that’s dragging him down. While there have been some really bad headlines with Afghanistan and immigration, the pandemic looms large as people experience fatigue with continued regulations. Christopher Cadelago, White House reporter at Politico, joins us for why Democrats are worried that Biden can’t shake the pandemic.

Finally, Facebook and Instagram have been under a lot of scrutiny after a whistleblower leaked internal documents about what the social media giant knows about how toxic Instagram can be to teen girls. In response, Instagram is working on features to help them take a break and nudge them away from harmful content. Kim Lyons, deputy news editor at The Verge, joins us for more.

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