Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 1/1/24

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, we bring you the Best of Mark Levin on News Years Day! There are impeachable offenses that have been committed by President Biden that every American can understand and are affected by, like the obliteration of our immigration laws and giving aid and financial support to a regime in Iran that is attacking American soldiers. The mayhem and humanity taking place on the southern border will not be covered by the Democrat media, which is leaving tens of thousands of people dead. If we cannot control our sovereignty we cannot control our country, and this is being done intentionally to drive an ideological agenda. The Biden Crime family selling the office is definitely a reason to impeach as well, but other important impeachable offenses are not being discussed by the media or the Republicans. Meanwhile, Jack Smith is constantly pushing the envelope and looking for ways to twist laws and apply them in a way that was never meant to be applied, like with the Klansman Act. Judge Chutkan is setting a dangerous precedent by charging Trump, and we cannot allow a prosecutor or a judge that does something that violates the Framers’ intention of separation of government. Also, Biden is demanding that Israel conclude its ground war with Hamas within the next three weeks and telling the Israeli people that they must give up their ancestral homes to the Palestinians. Biden is undermining the state of Israel by blocking armaments and also calling for Netanyahu to be removed as Prime Minister while sabotaging him. Later, University presidents like those of Harvard, MIT, and the now former president of UPenn, do not understand the history of the 1st amendment and allow their institutions to criminally promote anti-Semitism. These anti-Semitic threats and mobs on college campuses are not protected speech, and what they are arguing for is not protected either. The Supreme Court has said so as well, but under President Biden and Merrick Garland not a single U.S. Attorney has brought charges against anybody.

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