Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 1/13/23

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the timeline of the President Biden classified document scandal is absolutely shocking. This was a coverup for over 60 days until a leak to NBC news, and with no FBI search or search warrant for Biden and especially no SWAT team raid. They don’t give President Trump the benefit of the doubt so why should we for Biden and his lawyers saying they’ve returned everything? What Biden has done is outrageous, a threat to our national security and far worse. Also, the Democrat party is effectively partnering with the Mexican drug cartels because Biden and his administration could care less about the wide-open southern border. Biden has no intention of securing the border and by leaving it open to smuggling illegal aliens, he’s the cartel’s best business partner. Later, the fear campaign going on now by Democrats and the media about the U.S. facing default over the spending bill is built on a lie. The current year spending is already paid for from last year’s budget, so there can’t be a default. Now Mitch McConnell will argue that we need to prevent a default, even though he is responsible for the trillion dollar Omnibus spending bill. Finally, the Democrat green energy bill is destroying the environment, and we can see it with the amount of beached whales washing up on shores near offshore windmills like in Atlantic City, NJ. These wind turbines are being built all the way down the eastern seaboard which is a disgrace. Nothing gets in the way of climate change Marxists, especially facts.

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