Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 1/5/23

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, of the 20 Republican holdouts in the House there are those who want to cut a deal, those so far in the weeds it’s not clear, and then those who have personal animosity for Kevin McCarthy and will take no deal. Meanwhile President Biden is about to give out massive amnesty, and we don’t have a Republican house of representatives to fight it. Whatever deal may come from this holdout in the House doesn’t matter now, because the damage has already been done. We believe in representative government, not majority or minority control, but when you start to cannibalize your own, nothing good can come from it. Many of the Republican holdouts are enjoying their publicity stunt and getting as much time on TV as possible, while many conservatives get no face time whatsoever. This isn’t how a republic, or a democracy is supposed to work; everything going on right now in the House isn’t in the Constitution. Also, Biden announced a new program to take in 30,000 migrants per month in an effort to crack down on illegal immigration. We have existing federal immigration laws, so why not enforce them? Instead, Biden is promoting an app for migrants to apply for asylum in advance. Biden has never visited the southern border as president, or even in the 50 years he’s been in Washington, because he wants this crisis to happen. Later, if the media is going to keep beating the drums every year about January 6th, we should do the same about the Marxist ideology that has brainwashed our kids and our society. The coup the democrats have launched against America is far worse than anything that happened on January 6th.

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