Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 1/6/23

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the battle for Speaker of the House was not a tidy fight over conservatism, but the chaos is soon ending well thanks to a few individuals like Rep Chip Roy for their role in negotiations. Sometimes battles are not as simple as good vs. evil, and we must be careful about who pretends to be a conservative. If certain members of the 20 holdouts won the day, this would have dragged on for months, and the conservative agenda would be left behind so they could settle political scores. Congressman Chip Roy talks with Mark about the deals being negotiated to resolve the fight for the Speaker of the House. Also, President Biden and the media have done everything they can to exploit January 6th and are aided by the FBI to push their fake narrative. It’s sick exploitation to make us believe that this is the greatest threat on our country since the Civil War – not Pearl Harbor or 9/11. Democrats have allowed violence and bombings of the Capitol for decades under three prior presidents, but now they want to throw the book at people who did absolutely nothing but attend a rally. Later, Kayleigh McEnany talks to Mark about the social security breach from the January 6th committee releasing documents from the investigation.

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