Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 10/26/21

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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Democrats want to tax Billionaires but they’re actually attacking the ‘middle class’ by changing the Social Security program to be based on a who’s who criteria of the left’s choosing. The American Marxist’s job is never done as President Biden aims to tax unrealized gains on yachts, paintings, stocks, etc. that haven’t even been sold yet. This proposal might be antithetical to the spirit of the 16th Amendment which only permits taxation on income, not the unrealized earnings of one’s assets. Then, the maker of an educational curriculum is now forbidding parents to see CRT-inspired curriculum but to not share it with anyone. This is an attempt to silence parents and stop them from sharing racist curriculum with other parents or the media. This violates most states FOIA laws. Later, journalists and educators have become propagandists that will have you believe everything they spew is the truth. Meanwhile, all they’re doing is promoting tribalism. Afterward, John Oliver erroneously claims that police criticize perpetrators for non-compliance attempting to entrap them into complying with a vaccine mandate.

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