Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 10/30/23

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, the impeachment clause of the Constitution is unique. If you have a president who conducts himself in a way that endangers the country, that’s an impeachable offense. If you have a president who will do nothing to prevent the enemy from developing a nuclear weapon and has given them proceeds to help them make nuclear weapons, that’s an impeachable offense. If you have a president who refuses to secure the nation and close the border, that’s an impeachable offense. These are not policy disagreements, these are impeachable offenses. He’s refused to enforce laws that he’s required to enforce.  The time to draw up articles of impeachment against President Biden is right now.  Also, it’s time for Congress to investigate the George Soros network. He’s putting in billions of dollars to destroy the country. The groups behind most of the pro-Hamas protests got $15 million from Soros. Later, the Biden administration doesn’t want Israel to obliterate Hamas, wound them yes, but not eliminate them. They want Israel to keep fighting and fighting – just don’t win because if they win, they will change the balance of power Biden is trying to create in the Middle East. Finally, there’s no ubiquitous islamophobia going on in America yet the Biden administration keeps mentioning it when they mention anti-semitism. The most Islamophobic places on Earth are in Muslim, and Arab countries as well as Iran.

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