Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 10/31/23

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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Israel is not going to do less than we in the United States would do and have done for their own survival, and to demand what the Israeli military do what our military and no other military would do is simply unconscionable. The constant pressure by the West, led by Joe Biden and Antony Blinken, is clearly anti-Semitic, because no other nation fighting for their survival is being asked for a humanitarian ceasefire so that the enemy can re-arm and regroup. Israel is not only fighting their enemies, but our enemies too; Hezbollah, Hamas and other Islamonazis have killed thousands of American soldiers in the name of jihad. If saving our union and ending slavery were noble purposes as a result of the Civil War, then why do we expect less of the Israelis trying to save their country and their people against an enemy who doesn’t seek to enslave them but obliterate them? Also, the lack of seriousness that Biden and his flunkies give to anti-Semitism is incredible, and would rather call Americans islamophobic than address the growing anti-Semitism in our colleges and in protests in our major cities. We are allowing people from Arab and Muslim countries to come into this country unvetted, which means Hamas and others are sending people into our country to infiltrate our culture. It is sad that Christian Republicans are doing more to support Israel and combat anti-Semitism than Jewish Democrats like Chuck Schumer.

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