Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/03/22

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, President Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are the three individuals in recent history who have done the most to destroy this country because they hate the America we know and love. They despise any system that doesn’t afford them power and work with their partners in the media to undermine our republic in the name of the democracy they incessantly speak about. They call patriots deniers but it’s they that deny individual liberty, economic prosperity, faith, morality, and the nuclear family while calling you a deplorable, racist, semi-fascist, threat to society. Then, the DOJ leaked to CNN that they might open a special counsel investigation into Donald Trump if he runs for President. The heavy-handed politics simply doesn’t end when it comes to criminalizing Trump. Later, Lt. Col Jennifer-Ruth Green, a combat veteran, pilot, and congressional candidate joins the show to discuss her race for Indiana’s 1st District. Green says that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have a clear disdain for America and too few have served in uniform to understand the human cost of war. Green says that ideology has no place in the classroom. Afterward, Herschel Walker calls in with an update on his US Senate campaign in Georgia. Walker noted that this election is bigger than him but for all Georgians and Americans. Walker says that we must have leadership in Washington that doesn’t threaten democracy, as the democrats say, because Biden and the Democrats are the biggest threat the country faces. Finally, Tiffany Smiley, candidate for the US Senate in Washington state checks in with a report from the campaign trail. She aims to turn crisis into hop once elected to the US Senate.  

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