Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/04/22

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden Administration’s sabotage of U.S energy policy all but surrenders our national security to our foreign enemies. While the U.S is closing coal plants China is opening them. While the U.S is slowing fossil fuel production our enemies are producing the energy we need instead of allowing Americans to produce this fuel right here in the USA. The de-growth movement will force you to stop driving or buy an electric car (which requires fossil fuels for charging and production anyway). Then, Congressman Jim Jordan joins the show to discuss his committee’s latest report documenting the testimony of FBI whistleblowers outlining how the Biden Administration has used relationships with big technology companies to control public opinion and how the DOJ has been weaponized to go after dissenting parents and political critics of the Biden Administration. Jordan says all options are on the table to get to the truth of these matters. Later, congressional candidate Kevin Kiley checks in to give us an update on his campaign for California’s third district. Afterward, Congressman and candidate for Governor of New York, Lee Zeldin, joins the show to tell us about his final push toward election Day. Zeldin says that bringing in Joe Biden to be your campaign closer isn’t a good look for Gov. Kathy Hochul. Finally, Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels calls in with an update on his campaign. Michels says that the state needs massive tax reform to allow the citizens to keep more of their money. Michels says that crime must be addressed to restore order.  

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